Wednesday, March 9, 2011

typographical thumbnails (ianfurber)

Equilibrium Tea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
BLACK: the word tea not under the center of the word equilibrium.
WHITE: say what is in the packet.
RED: this feels so gentle, flowing.
GREEN: colour to create flow.
YELLOW: its flowing nature would speak to consumers of its effects.
BLUE: logo works well with tea.

BLACK: doesn't suit tea brands.
WHITE: needs more information.
RED: it feels modern.
GREEN: the dots on the ' I 's could be a great receptacle for some colour.
YELLOW: the modern feel could speak to a new audience.
BLUE: this logo could work well for an organic herbal tea.

BLACK: hard to read, and doesn't speak of tea, & the ' M ' is skinny.
WHITE: 'new' typeface.
RED: i like the tops & bottoms of the ' I 's & ' L 's.
GREEN: could make a beautiful graphic background, that accentuates the legibility of the name.
YELLOW: the modern, scientific typeface could speak to clean nature of organics.
BLUE: overall has possibilities, but needs a lot of work.

BLACK:needs more work
WHITE:needs info as to how it equalises
RED:a beautiful flowing rhythm of the lowercase letters
GREEN:colour could flow through name
YELLOW:straight forward & gentle logotype
BLUE:the balance is held strong by the serifs, the gentle variations in its weight feels relaxing

Archers Tea,,,,,,,,

BLACK: maybe too much white space?
WHITE: information about the tea inside.
RED: it makes me feel comfortable.
GREEN: oversize 'archers' down the side of the box.
YELLOW: the circle is cup like.
BLUE: it works well as a tea logotype.

BLACK: looks old fashioned.
WHITE: needs lots of info.
RED: the old style feels familiar.
GREEN: the colours could be retro 20's, 30's.
YELLOW: the benefits of retro can speak to new and old audience.
BLUE: this logo could work well on a new product & packaging.

BLACK: not much happening.
WHITE: the info of the logo is simple & direct.
RED: it is a friendly lowercase typeface.
GREEN: could work well an image of an archer.
YELLOW: the serif typeface with the variable weight, has a blend of stability & looseness.
BLUE: overall it works well as is.
BLACK:not much here
WHITE:info needed on the rest of logo
RED:it feels clean & efficient
GREEN:modern clear packaging
YELLOW:nice 'drops' on the 'r's
BLUE:clean modern feel

BLACK:very straight forward
WHITE:straight forward info on pack
RED:nice to see an archer on the pack
GREEN:old style, retro packaging
YELLOW:nice opportunity for retro illustration
BLUE:illustrative & typographic, with old style packaging
BLACK:'t' is not the word tea
WHITE:more information needed
RED:i feel happy with with safe, big T
GREEN:the big T could work for equilibrium
YELLOW:solid secure
BLUE:information on rectangular sides of box

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