Friday, March 4, 2011

Kelly, Rosie & Tim: Novelty Fonts


  1. Equilibrium written in romantic is a fun looking type makes me feel like the tea would be uplifting with a bit of a zing. I don't really like any of the other fonts they don't speak to me as Sorry guys black hat on here.

  2. samadhi and zhang look good in moonglow, with that bar on top of the A.(red)

  3. I like all of these... especially pussycat snickers (red)
    I think most of them are fun but still can be taken seriously which I think you still need for novelty tea (yellow). The only one I don't think really works is bubble house. I think it's too much like bubble gum or confectionary or maybe too childlike to work for a tea label( Black)

  4. blue-
    black-bubblehouse is too kiddy
    red-pussycat snickers could work anywhere!its great
    green-shark .... would be great in a cartoon like design