Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Penny: Thumbnails


  1. Zhang
    White:A simple script with the Chinese stylised water painting
    Red: This feels flowing. Reflective of asian culture gives sincerety
    Black:Very stereotypical imagery. May not work with standard fonts
    Yellow:imagery lends itself easily to a variety of colour palettes.Can be modernised or retro-ed easily.
    Green: Font could be given watercolour stroke.
    Blue:Needs some work but could be effective and versatile.

    White:Asian font covered by stylised chinese roof.
    Red:Has possibilities, but may fail dismaly
    Black:Could look cheap, too stereotyped
    Yellow:Echos chinese architecture and culture. simple.
    Green:A more simple font could accentuate the imagery.
    Blue:a strong idea with potential.

    White:A lotus flower sitting above a simple font
    Red:The lotus can be a very beautiful image, and relaxing.
    Black:cliched image. narrows colour palette.
    Yellow:the colour palette is relatively simple and expected, evocative
    Green:work with different colours to find a new way of displaying the lotus
    Blue:may have restricted flavour options but could be effective

    White: Bamboo forest with vertical type
    Red:i love the vertical feeling of the bamboo
    Black:colour palette is staid and too subtle. bamboo is the wrong image to connect with tea
    Yellow:the vertical design is strong. bamboo could be used in packaging
    Green:could attempt to make stalks cartoonish, to add different colours.
    Blue:a strong design, needs some work to find a way of making the colour palette more evocative.


    White:A yin yan with type inside
    Red:this annoys me because it is so cliched
    Black:extremely stereotypical, boring,
    Yellow:easily recognisable, strong
    Green:could be a strong design overall using b&W
    Blue:could be effective, but could i work with it?


    White:Indian female eyes and bindi above type
    Red:evocative, i like this one
    Black:lacking originality
    Yellow: Brings India to your home, authenticity.A brilliant colour palette possiblity
    Green:Have to work with the size of type versus image. drawn image vs photographic
    Blue:could be a lot of work, but has possibility

    White:type sitting in cloud
    Red:not too taken with this
    Black:boring, not related to tea
    Yellow: a great deal of texture to deal with, relaxing colours are possible
    Green:could be connected to breath/medicinal
    Blue:needs a lot of work, could be used as an interesting backgound

    White:type inside a leaf
    Red:it works but is cliched
    Yellow:could be used in many different scenarios
    Green:colours should be experimented with, different leaf shapes, more than one leaf
    Blue:as is, it is too simple

    White:type inside love heart
    Red:i depise this
    Black:awful. hippy conotations immediately, severly stereotyped. limited colour palette.
    Yellow:could be worked into a really sweet design, for a specific demographic
    Green:experiment with multiple hearts. different colours for different teas
    Blue:although i dislike it, it has potential and i can already see ways of making it work

    White:planet shape with revolution lines, type in sphere
    Red:i dont very happy about this one
    Black:ugly, not related to tea or the name.
    Yellow:uplifting, universal, quirky, fun
    Green:investigate the possibilities of creating a more planet like logo
    Blue:not much to go by. not particularly evocative.

  2. samadhi 3 and 5, green hat- could make the heart out of clouds, water, tea leaves. they could be raining tea from heaven... they could be heart droplets to give you the multiple hearts. yes its an old hippie talking!

  3. samadhi 1 green hat make eyes out of heavenly clouds

  4. Zhang 1 red- i live in fear of a tsunami