Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea Thumbnails - Judy

Medicinal- 3Thirty



  1. black hat....... 3:30 pills....... remind me of a cup of tea, a 'bex' and a good lie down.

  2. green............. the maiden hair fern on equilibrium, can be used as a texture, as well as a logo.

  3. Yes I would agree with Ian they look like afternoon meds for the unwell?
    I really like the peacock, but don't think the letters work in the feathers. Maybe you don't need the name for a logo and just have a nice black and white image.

  4. I like the fen for equilibrium i think that has alot of scope for developement and different ways you can use it. Red yellow

  5. 3-Thirty Thumbnails

    No 2.
    White: A large number 3 with Thirty boldly written and rising

    Red: A little uplifting.

    Black: A little plain and not so creative.

    Yellow: Simplicity would appeal to more traditional market.

    Green: Could work well if the other type and packaging was well
    considered, with the right colours

    Blue: Has potential with or without the 'pick-up' tag line.

    White: Very simple 3 thirty rising upwards.

    Red: light, italic and uplifting.

    Black: A bit boring and plain.

    Yellow: is quite positive.

    Green: Might work well with an illustration.

    Blue: overall a little uninteresting to proceed with.

    White: the 3, then a red cross for the T of thirty.

    Red: Feels rather medical but in a cutesy retro way.

    Black: Medicinal appearance could put people off. They may wonder
    what chemicals are in the product.

    Yellow: I like it because its a little bit kitch. Not many adds for things
    these days come from the medicinal scientific angle. Its more
    likely to be 'natural'. Therefore this medicinal element is quite

    Green: Would make the cross an old fashioned red and sightly eroded
    to add to the retro feel. Could work with a picture of an old
    fashioned nurse or something.

    Blue: Has potential and retro appeal, but may be more novelty.

    White: This logo contains a floral symbol with the curved stem
    reflected in the typography. The stem forms part of the
    number 3.

    Red: This is my favorite. I will work further with this one.

    Black: Possibly a bit swirly. May not appeal to men. Logo could be
    hard to place on a box.

    Yellow: Is uplifting and evokes nature and organics by its use of
    natural and organic forms.

    Green: Could be done in a variety of colours. There are many
    possibilities for packaging to suit. Perhaps an unbleached
    cardboard box??. Is a nice shape to fit on the inside teabag

    Blue: Potential here. Need to play around with how it fit on a box.
    Perhaps combine with some of the other logos.

    12. White: Here there are some large tea leaves with come out the left
    hand side of the 3. The bottom of the 3 turns into the stem
    of the leaves

    Red: This is my other favorite. It feels unrestrained and fresh!
    Somewhat liberating!

    Black: Perhaps typography could be a little more flowing and
    uplifting like in some of the other thumbnails

    Yellow: This one will fit well on a square box I think. Better than no

    Green: Will work on typography more. Could perhaps even include
    the flower in no 11.

    Blue: A lot to work with here.

  6. Eco - Equilibrium

    No 3.

    White: A long word broken up with different size letters and bracketed
    with lines.

    Red: I like the wacky lettering but not the lines.

    Black: The wings look a bit top gun. It is a little simple for my liking.
    Spelt wrong.

    Yellow: The unequal lettering has a nice organic feel.

    Green: Could perhaps take the brackets off and work more with

    Blue: Need quite a bit of further development.

    No. 4

    . White: A botanical form. A branch with leaves. The letters are written
    in the leaves.

    Red: I like it. It is a little illustrative and uneven with an organic feel.

    Black: The letters are a little hard to read.

    Yellow: It evokes nature, organics and freshness with an essence of

    Green: Could do a few more sketches and work on having the writing
    a little more legible.

    Blue: Needs more development.

    No 12

    White: A leafy twirly symbol with the name written on a curved path

    Red: Is pretty and has a nice feeling.

    Black: Perhaps a little unoriginal. A bit too nice.

    Yellow: Is natural and fresh. Appealing to the demographic that are
    concerned with health

    Green: Need to develop the typography.

    Blue: Is okay, but not the best of the ideas. May be worth a little
    further development.

    No 15

    White: This is a botanical symbol and also I have tried to write the
    brand name using stylistic elements from the symbol.

    Red: I really like the symbol, but the written name is not yet working.

    Black: The name looks clumsy and not elegant next to the symbol.
    Perhaps it is a bit too similar if they are to be used together.

    Yellow: I think the symbol hits the mark, as it seems kind of original
    while evoking the necessary eco/ organic qualities.

    Green: The brand name needs to be developed to see if it can have the
    same qualities as the symbol. Either that or it needs to be
    changed altogether to see if it will go with the symbol.

    Blue: Will continue to work on typography. The symbol will be quite
    effective as an illustrative element on the packaging.

    No 16.

    White: This is another botanical form. It is a strange plant that almost
    looks like balloons.

    Red: It is one of my favorites here. Its is quirky and appealing to me.

    Black: The brand name is a little hard to read. Could be challenging to
    fit on a whole package design.

    Yellow: It has an uplifting, fresh and organic quality whilst at the
    same time being quite fun.

    Green: Will work on the legibility of the brand name and typography.
    Could further develop the plant as well. Especially the bottom.
    And play with different overall shapes.

    Blue: A lot to work with here. Has a lot of potential I think.