Monday, March 7, 2011

betty - tea logo thumbnails


2. W- oval shape background could draw more attention, leaf in the

background show what u branding for

R- feel like traditional logo, old brand people more than likely to trust

Blk- concept is not very attractive to young buyers

Y- the whole concept is together, could be easy to place on anywhere of the


G- fill up “zhang” with color instead of stroke

Bl- the whole concept, need some adjustment, filled text and smaller size to give it more breathing space, brighten up the leaf to make it more obvious

4. W- dots filled text placed on top of stretch curved shape of leaf

R- simple, energetic, active

Blk- the style of font not seem to be something u use for tea logo, the leaf is out of shape

Y- cool and modern concept , could leads to brand new packaging idea and design

G- could do some work on the leaf , make it not so bulky

Bl- whole concept is refreshing, few adjustment need to be done, try different style with leaf and size of font if necessary.

6. W- leaf outline on the side of text

R- look very organic

Blk- the concept looked loos, leaf seem too high, font looked boring

Y- simple and easy to read and understand

G- adjust the space between the leaf and text, maybe try different font style

Bl- font and position of leaf and text need adjustment

7. W- readable text placed in and 2 leaves placed in a rectangle

R- feel like trust worthy old brand

Blk- looks like logo for herbal tea or medicine

Y- traditional looks could give buyer the impression its good old brand

G- the rectangle could bit lighter color, more leaf placed into other corner?

B- try different position of the leaf , and maybe some adjustment with the text

8. W- horizontal text and 2 leaves on the side

R- sporty

Blk- seem to be the wrong logo design to be use tea packaging , maybe not for Gourmet tea.

Y- energetic

G- adjust the size of the leaf bit more maybe, squash down the text bit more maybe

Bl- whole concept look energetic , if using it in packaging, where I’m gonna place it?!


10. W—large 3 placed behind thirty

R-- seem modern style of placement

Blk—seems wrong logo for tea packaging, thirty is too low could easy to get lost with background

Y—look different

G—move thirty up a bit, make it shorter

Bl-- where and how this logo will be placed on the packaging

11. W—simple numbers, half filled with opposite color and placed in the dark background

R—very simple and obvious

Blk—don’t look friendly

Y—look different, could be interesting see it on packaging

G—maybe make 3 look smaller, maybe the square could be rounded corner

Bl—size of 3 need change, check the font, and the background

14. W—horizontal three place on top of leaf with number30 on the side

R- look different , feel of energe

Blk—look too sporty

Y-- could turn out nice with different color

G—30 could come down a bit

Bl—need to adjust the position

15. W—large 3 fill with light color, has been placed on top of leaves, and three on the side

R- simple design and font style , the whole concept look organic

Blk—large 3 and the leaves made the head looked heavy

Y—organic outlook looks positive

G—smaller size of leaves

B—size of text and leaves need adjustment

16. W—again 3 been placed on top of leaf with thirty on the side

R—the fontstyle gives a very different feel

Blk—font seem gothic, doesn’t seem suitable for the tea

Y—interesting font , could leads to interesting packaging

G—make the leaf size bit smaller

Bl—position of leaf and the text need to look into

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  1. Betty I really like the third Zhang from the top on the left. However you could probably make the leaf as outlines for a more exotic look. Love the top 3 thirty on the left side looks like it would be fun also the one beside it could work really well when the colours are introduced. the bottom 3thirty on the bottom right has more like it would be a type of eco/organic feel