Monday, February 28, 2011

Luke ,Tea name suggestions

STACY: POST3: Wear a hat and comment

black hat by stephen jones
Now i have your attention.
Great to see the  posts going up. Next i would like you to comment on other's brainstorming using six thinking hats
ie with  wearing a hat blue, yellow black, red, white green . I will post a comment on a post  below on lou's post if you haven't got the idea.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

STACY:POST2 brainstorming names for markets

  • Above is the result of the quick brainstorming session conducted in class. 
  • Each person is to use to brainstorm possible names for each of the defined markets. 
  • You will need at least eight names for each of the six markets. 
  • Export from as .jpg and upload as your post. 
  • Comment on all other posts before next class.
  • thankyou to everyone who bought tea etc to class. Please bring again as Bruno Munari says  "Every facet of the design process has to maintain a relationship with the senses. When you confront an object, you've got to touch it, smell it, listen to it... "

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

examining existing packaging

Examine the existing marketplace-    what’s out there?
  • wearing allocated hats comment on image bank shown also use de bono’s technique of sorting- PMI – PLUS, MINUS, INTERESTING
  • establish 6 broad catagories of different markets eg. exotic/gourmet, traditional, eco/budget, medicinal/alternative, novelty/special occasion
  • images shown during this segment will be in Stacy’s public folder if anyone would like to view again. Further research to examine packaging trends is advised
  • as a group brainstorm possible names that can be used. use 6 thinking hats to confirm and refine. up load names as a post. Use to record brainstorming and upload to blog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

STACY:post 1: mad hatters tea party

чай chai (russian) thé (german), te (Hebrew), te (Swedish), Chay (Ukranian), thee (Dutch), Cha (Hebrew), te (Korean), chai (Vietnamese), chai (Bulgaria), Koucha (Japanese), the (Malaysia), te (Icelandic), Chai (Greek), Shai (Arabic), Chaaya (Hindi), Chay (Turkish), C^aj (Czeh), tee (Finnish), Herbata (Polish)

This week in class we will be using the de Bono  six thinking hats technique  to examine the growing tea market. This market  can be further sub divided into  traditional, budget, wellness, and gourmet and novelty. What sort of tea drinker are you? Please bring something non digital to class to reflect your tea drinking style. Of course bring your thinking hats!