Monday, March 14, 2011


WHITE HAT- obviously a product that would be selling a type of tea

RED - makes me feel like there is a pot of tea brewing

BLACK - The letter T is a bit over powering

YELLOW - Definitely can tell this is for a tea of some sort

GREEN - Could play with the font and maybe have the font level as if there were liquid inside

BLUE - Playing with a font that would compliment the letter T could make the whole image stand out


WHITE - A Vine of tea leaves wrapping around a tea pot

RED - makes me feel like the tea would be wholesome to drink

BLACK - too many leaves

YELLOW - a strong attractive image to catch the eye

GREEN - tweaking with the vine and possibly adding text within the vine

BLUE - adding a font within the vine and tweaking the vine leaves.


WHITE - a simple cup of flower tea

RED - feels feminine and light

BLACK - the handle doesn't really work with the rest of the image

YELLOW - easy to recognize

GREEN - adding more detail to the flower and adjusting the outline of the cup to a thin light stroke. Could also add a simple font to run along the inside of the cup.

BLUE - remove the handle and play with the stroke of the cup


WHITE - The stem of the flower indicates the capital letter of the Just Tea

RED - has a flowing feel

BLACK - the flower image is probably too big and needs more refinement of a softer flower or leaves

YELLOW - the leaves/flowers show a simple, uncomplicated tea that people could relate too

GREEN - have a more defined font that works more with the size of the letter J

BLUE - Playing with a font to blend more with the flow of the flower and letter J


WHITE - organic looking leaves/ aroma coming from the tea cup

RED - uplifting feel to the aroma leaving the cup

BLACK - The shapes need to be more defined

YELLOW - simple design that would be more effective to catch the eye

GREEN - could move the font to work with the flow of the cup

BLUE - adjusting the font and refining the shapes


WHITE - a peacock feather in the shape of a leaf

RED - feels like the tea leaf could tell a story with all of the different lines

BLACK - the image is not that easily recognizable

YELLOW - simple design

GREEN - playing with the shape of the leaf could give the image more movement

BLUE - overall the shape of the leaf could change the movement of the image


WHITE - an obvious peacock with leaves as feathers

RED - has a very natural feel about it with the direction of the leaves

BLACK - the peacock head is very hard looking

YELLOW - pretty to look at

GREEN - having the name written in an exotic font underneath would marry it all together

BLUE - by using a font could change open up the image


WHITE - a peacock made from organic leaf shapes

RED - reminds me of the ocean with a flower

BLACK - image is too bold and clunky

YELLOW - the merging flower opening up reflects the opening up of the aromas

GREEN - refining of the flower and taking away the bird could show more of an exotic flower opening up

BLUE - refining the shapes to become more of a flower opening up


WHITE - peacock feather

RED – reminds me of a flower opening

BLACK - the design could be mistaken for a yoga logo

YELLOW – strong image to work with

GREEN - more definition in the shapes and emphasize the top of the feather as a focal point

BLUE - overall could have potential with some tweaking


WHITE - a decorative peacock

RED – cute

BLACK – too much detail going on

YELLOW – fun novelty

GREEN – If this was refined to less detail could have potential for another product

BLUE – overall not really suitable for tea product – scrapping this one!

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