Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tim's thumbnails for tea logo


  1. Tim i think the top Archers would really suit a traditional approach. I think the Zhang on the 3rd page at the bottom could work really well by playing with that type of font. The A is a real feature.

  2. Yeah i feel the same Pam that the Archers logo looks more traditional then budget. I feel that some of the logos thumb nailed could be put into a different market. Thanks for your input :)

  3. Page 1 ZHANG
    First Logo

    White Hat- Brand name is shown in graphic but missing information about what the product is.

    Red hat-states the name of the brand but I feel its missing information of what the brand is selling

    Black Hat- The design might be a bit too simple and you cant recognise its a tea product so really I need a graphic to help package the product.

    Yellow hat - I like that is simple and the text is easy to read in trying to sell a budget product to the consumer.

    Green hat- There is a lot of possibilities with refining this logo. It really needs a graphic so allow it to stand out in the crowd at the supermarket

    Blue hat - I think this design is simple and effective for a budget tea product. When the logo is packaged and colour is introduced on the packet I think the logo will be effective as I can put the information underneath saying that this is tea and what type of tea I'm selling.

  4. ZHANG


    White Hat- Brand name and the design of a tea bag justify what the company is and the product they’re selling.

    Red Hat- my instincts about this design is the text looks more traditional but the graphic can be as both budget and traditional.

    Black Hat- maybe the text is not budget style I feel like its more traditional.

    Yellow Hat – States what the product is. Like the use of the teabag.

    Green Hat- I could play with the design if the tea bag more. An alternative is to change the market to traditional.

    Blue Hat- This is an effect design and would suite either market budget or traditional. To keep it within a budget context I would change the zhang font to something more plain.


    White Hat- Zhang in the cup: lets you know the product goes in a cup.

    Red Hat- I feel it looks inviting and exciting and every time you have a cup of tea it will make you feel zhangy

    Black hat – tea cup can be fixed up and defined and the zhang title can look more situated in the cup rather then just looking like it’s sitting on the top.

    Yellow hat – Defines what the product is. Would sell to the consumer with its design.

    Green Hat – Ideas would be to refine the cup and title of the product as stated in the black hat.

    Blue Hat – Brand would sell. Looks inviting for the consumer to purchase and take home with them.




    White Hat – The consumer would need to look into this product more I they were going to buy it maybe.

    Red Hat – I feel this design is more traditional than budget.

    Black Hat- Graphic needs to link to tea more. I might need to add a tea stain circle in the background. Looks more traditional than budget.

    Yellow Hat – Looks like a trusted brand that everyone would love.

    Green Hat – Growth of added more into the logo design to go with selling tea
    Blue hat- if I saw the brand name like that in the supermarket I would pick it up and have a look at it. The little arch underneath the text brings the logo together.


    White Hat- Its missing a lot of info if trying to sell tea by just the brand name.

    Red Hat- I feel that this logo needs to be refined and more related to tea

    Black Hat- has nothing to do with tea at the moment. Unless I put a tea bag at the end of the arrow.

    Yellow Hat– Would be a good brand name to sell and if I put a tea bag on the arrow some how it will appeal to the consumer.

    Green Hat- Added to the design with a tea bag somehow would add a number of new possibilities to redesign the product more

    Blue Hat – With more re designing of the logo it would turn into a great logo.


    White Hat- instead of having two half circles make the bottom of the circle reappear to look like tea stains.

    Red Hat- I feel that I need to add the rest of the circles like tea stain to make to design look more like a tea brand.

    Black Hat- Title of Archers could be smaller or moved further down.

    Yellow Hat- Design works with the title ‘Archers’

    Green Hat- Could add onto the design and change the brand font and placement

    Blue Hat- Design needs refining more. Looks unfinished.

  9. PAGE 3


    White hat- works, you know the cup is a tea cup

    Red Hat- I feel it’s exotic and works as a logo design

    Black Hat- where the teacup is could be changed

    Yellow Hat- Look inviting to buy and drink

    Green Hat – Teacup can but moved around the brand name to fit in the logo more

    Blue- Good design just need to be tweaked more.


    Use the text from logo three and the image for logo two

    White Hat- looks exotic

    Red Hat- doesn’t look exotic

    Black Hat- Images need work done on them and redesigned

    Yellow Hat- Text looks good

    Green Hat- Need to fix and design the logo

    Blue Hat- there needs to be a lot more process before I would consider choosing to use this design.



    White Hat- Full of information relating to tea and the play on the brand to the design.

    Red Hat- instincts are to change the design and refine more

    Black Hat- Font could be hard to read.

    Yellow- I like where the logo is heading and with a bit more work it can look like a finished logo.

    Green Hat- needs more space within the cup. Needs refining more with the text and the design

    Blue hat: A lot of refining and designing is needed to make this logo functional.


    White Hat- Arrow is heading the wrong way

    Red Hat- arrow and bow need to be rotated, as it doesn’t make sense for the arrow to be that way.

    Black Hat- Arrow the wrong way round the bow could be where the A is

    Yellow Hat- Good design just need to be fixed up a bit

    Green Hat- changing the arrow and the bow. Playing with the text more.

    Blue Hat- Logo need to be redesigned so it makes more sense.