Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thumbnails - Lou

I really like the idea of 'putting a little zhang in your step' approach to this name.
I think it works well as a medicinal or alternative tea as a pick me up so I worked with natural ideas that portray a 'little spark' in your day.

I think of '3 thirty' as a little me time. Time to pause to chill out for a pick me up. I used cursive writing to  convey a relaxing theme. The little blocks would work well as a traffic light theme - time to stop before the afternoon rush begins. 


  1. 1. top left zhang - pulse

    RED- My eye keeps getting drawn back to this one. I like its crisp sharp lines.

    BLACK - the letters may be a little difficult to read
    YELLOW - Clean, well recognisable

    GREEN - colour would really break up the letters from the graphic and would make it easier to read. the end logo could be quite interesting.

    WHITE - would I hand render the font or use illustrator - i must work this out.

    BLUE - I think it works well and could be successful

  2. 2. top right - small 'zhang' in teacup

    RED - I don't feel that this one is very successful

    BLACK - The layout is too small and cramped

    YELLOW - I writing works well inside the graphic (obviously not this one but i could fix that up)

    GREEN - The re-draw of this one may make it work better. It would work better if it was larger

    WHITE - I need to work out if the writing would be hand rendered or computerised.

    BLUE - This one needs more refinement if it was going to work but I have decided not to use this one. It is too obvious and doesn't work so well with the proposed market

  3. 3. second design down on left - zhang with creative z

    RED - I like this one. I think it could be very strong when refined

    BLACK - I don't think it works when the word 'hang' gets focused on separately

    YELLOW - It is strong, clean and crisp

    GREEN - A larger z and colour would make it work well

    WHITE -

    BLUE - It is a strong layout and i think it will work out with further refinement

  4. 4. Large Z with 'fireworks' expolsion - zhang

    RED - I like the larger first letter, it is eye catching and will work great typographically with many fonts

    BLACK - the separate word 'hang' annoys me

    GREEN - 'hang' could be altered in angle to make it less focused upon

    YELLOW - the negative space is good around the Z, the fireworks look works well with the theme of the name

    WHITE - the colours of the fireworks and the main Z will make a big difference to the layout. I must work out this info

    BLUE - overall, the concept really works and i find it has a playful and quirky side to it as well which in an alternative market could be a challenge or work great

    5. Cursive floral Zhang - there are multiple thumbnails of this same design but they all flow from the same idea

    RED - I like it because it is calm

    BLACK - the floral layout may only appeal to females mostly

    YELLOW - it gives the impression of the medicinal 'good for you' tea

    GREEN - many possibilites colour wise

    WHITE -

    BLUE - I am going to refine this concept more - I think it could be really great with the right packaging and stand out a bit. I will need to work more on making it more gender appropriate

  5. 6. 3 thirty as square blocks

    RED - I am not sure how i feel about this concept

    BLACK - It looks a bit too modern to appeal to a wide audience

    YELLOW - after full production the traffic light idea would be really obvious and i believe people would relate to it easily

    GREEN - many layout possibilities for this one using the same block ideas

    WHITE - I need to look into useful fonts for this one for the thirty part - this would make a big difference

    BLUE - It could be effective but i will not be sure until i deveop it furthe

  6. 7. 3 thirty as cursive

    RED - I like the softness of the font

    BLACK - It may be too unoriginal, attract more attention from females

    YELLOW - It gives a calmness to the idea of an afternoon break, a time to relax and un wind

    GREEN - Larger font, take away the love hearty imagery - this will make it more all ages suitable

    WHITE - further development of the love heart would determine if it needs to be included or not - is it really a strength?? or weakness???

    BLUE - overall, It may be effective to a larger audience than the block traffic lights idea

  7. 8. three thirty inside a clock graphic

    RED - I like the concept but not necessarily this layout in particular

    BLACK - It is kind of creepy in this thumbnail - the lines inside give it a bloodshot eye look which wasnt really my intension

    YELLOW - the graphic and the typography are interesting together

    GREEN - further refinement of the type and image working together could make something really interesting. The clock image should be modernised - very simple with only a few lines

    WHITE - which fonts would work well??

    BLUE - overall, i would not be too sure about this one until i think about it idea in different ways

  8. 9. eyes inside the 3 - 3 thirty

    RED - I do not like this first thumbnail - it is too harsh.

    BLACK - comes across a bit scary

    YELLOW - the concept of the wide eyes - brighten up a little, get some energy before you hit the 3 30 brick wall

    GREEN - by changing the shape of the eyes it would make a lot of difference to the overall feel

    WHITE - font research needed, look at photos of eyes

    BLUE - I am not sure if i will take this one further - it might look a bit creepy for tea packaging but it could work as a quirky modern graphic perhaps

  9. 10. 3 thirty as modern double stroked letters

    RED - I like that it is different from the others

    BLACK - It could be doing a lot more to work with the theme of the tea - it is a bit plain

    YELLOW - it is clean, crisp

    GREEN - a small graphic included with this would make it more suitable

    WHITE - font research needed - a modern font that perhaps comes across more friendly

    BLUE - I will not be further refining this thumbnail. It is not as strong as the others