Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Betty ------ Tea Names


  1. My green hat says that star tea is great , the use of a star would be simple , cha tea and some others would be a great use of siymbles

  2. blue-
    yellow- empire of tea has so many possibilities
    black-frecnch cafe - dont think france is the right country for t.
    red-star tea sounds lovely
    green-teas-u may have to be an adult focus tea,could be interesting, a little bit naughty?

  3. black - healthy tea club - should I bring my gym gear too? don't think it works for tea
    red - trance - this could take you away to a special place, make the mind wonder and relax whilst drinking this one
    green - nana's tea - a very retro type of packaging could make this tea very appealing for the traditonal tea drinkers
    yellow - milky t - definitely full of milk