Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kelly: Thumbnailing Logo Ideas


  1. the eco tea, in pussy cat type, looks happy(red), looks healthy(yellow), and the 'tree' could grow in a animation(green).

  2. LOGO 1:
    (White) The logo doesn't exactly say tea, could there be a tagline?
    (Red) Using the "romantic" font gives a feeling of playfulness
    (Black) You don't really know it's a logo for tea
    (Yellow) With the wonky typeface, the lines add a sense of balance
    (Green) Possibly use a graphic
    (Blue) I wasn’t too happy with this logo and probably wouldn’t develop it any further.

    LOGO 2:
    (White) Could there be a tagline?
    (Red) There is a sense of fun.
    (Black) The cup looks like a coffee mug; maybe it's too big; the cup handle seems a bit droopy
    (Yellow) I like the typeface, as it's a play on the equilibrium name.
    (Green) Could try adding a tea graphic on the cup or making it look a tad daintier.
    (Blue) Experiment with a different mug shape and softening it up; play around with the handle or delete it.

    LOGO 3:
    (White) Could there be a tagline?
    (Red) Feels organic and earthy
    (Black) The typeface is a little too tongue-in-cheek
    (Yellow) I like the tree/leaves coming out of the letter ‘l’
    (Green) Try a different font
    (Blue) Experiment with a tagline though I do like this logo.

    LOGO 4:
    (White) The logo doesn't exactly say tea, could there be a tagline?
    (Red) The 3:30 is bold and strong
    (Black) The graphic doesn’t really look like a leaf
    (Yellow) It’s simple and clean, modern looking
    (Green) Could try playing with the leaf, adding detail or colour
    (Blue) I would add some colour and/or experiment with the graphic though I might dismiss this logo

    LOGO 5:
    (White) Doesn’t exactly look like a tea brand; it’s missing something
    (Red) Feels straight-forward
    (Black) Doesn’t give the notion that it’s a novelty or eco brand
    (Yellow) I like the shape giving off a sense of a clock or aerial view of the inside of a tea cup
    (Green) Soften the logo by using a lighter font or the background
    (Blue) I would leave this logo as is as it wasn’t one of my favorites

    LOGO 6:
    (White) I’m not sure it needs any more information
    (Red) There’s a very natural feel to it, flirty even
    (Black) Could be to feminine looking; the four leaves shape looks like a flower
    (Yellow) The design of the graphic works well with the ‘aubrey’ typeface
    (Green) Could try separating the leaf shape or adding detail
    (Blue) Play around with the graphic.

    LOGO 7:
    (White) I’m not sure it needs any more information
    (Red) Gives off a down to earth feeling
    (Black) Could be a little too relaxed with the typeface and graphic; the tea leaves look a little too flowery
    (Yellow) I like the layered back look
    (Green) The background graphic could be further developed
    (Blue) This logo was a bit too airy for me and I probably would leave it as is.

    LOGO 8:
    (White) Definitely could use a tag line to define what it is
    (Red) I don’t feel this would be a logo I would take any further
    (Black) The tea leaves seem to just hang out of left field they’re a bit on their own from the rest of the log
    (Yellow) Nothing positive to say
    (Green) Somehow connect the type and graphic
    (Blue) I would shelf this logo

    LOGO 9:
    (White) A tagline could add some more information
    (Red) Gives off a relaxed, earthy feeling
    (Black) From the thumbnail the logo looks a little disconnected
    (Yellow) I like the informal typeface
    (Green) The ‘3’ or ‘y’ could be tied to the leaf
    (Blue) I might give this logo a bit more thought with connecting the graphic and font.

    LOGO 10:
    (White) I’m not certain it needs more information
    (Red) It feels fun with the use of the graphic playing on a clock/cup
    (Black) The typeface is a little too playful for the strong graphic
    (Yellow) I like the lines indicating the 3:30 time
    (Green) Play around with adding a handle to the cup
    (Blue) I would develop this logo more with experimenting with the typeface and graphic.