Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cilla: Tea logo thumbnail

3 Thirty: Novelty / Eco
White - there is enough information to advise that it is tea without using the word
Red - looks quirky and fresh, i like how the logo almost forms a circle
Black - the tea handle is on the wrong side, the teacup looks like it is sitting on skis, the leaf looks a bit like it is part of a fishing line and the leaf is a fish? it almost looks like there is too much text within the image.
Yellow - you can see that it is a logo for tea by using the image of a tea cup
Green - could flip the cup around so that it is for a right handed person, the words could be moved to somewhere else in the image or below the saucer, maybe disconnect the saucer and the cup more and soften the ends so as to not look like a pair of skis
Blue -this logo has potential just need to make some adjustments with type placement and changes to the images to make it appear softer
White - needs more information to show that it is a tea logo
Red - its simple and just feels that it would be a basic tea
Black - having the number 3 and word thirty connecting where it does is not very appealing and unflattering. would be better to separate the two
Yellow - Simple and can work well within any shape
Green - incorporate an image / shape to show it is for tea, separate the number and the word
Blue - i think by separating the number and the word or making the join on a different part of the number can make it look appealing. i dont think that i will develop further

White - requires a little more information to show that it is tea
Red - it looks fun and shows that its time for a break
Black - might not be able to tell that it is for tea, the name could be a little obscure and abstract, could be too much going on
Yellow - it could fit into a novelty type tea, having an image of someone sitting with a cuppa shows that its time to break for a tea
Green - could be used for budget tea, maybe the person could be sitting right in the groove of the number three
Blue - has potential, just need to play around with positions of the person and the digits, could make the numbers not so abstract and play with the stroke sizes

White - need some type to indicate tea?
Red - nice and simple not too much going on
Black - doesn't indicate that it is for tea, text is cramped and could do with more space
Yellow - simple and not much going on
Green - could rotate it a little and play with the number 3 so that it looks like a teacup
Blue - i like the simplicity of this without using an image and by playing around with the text could make a nice image by using just typography, i'll be taking this further
White - maybe requires a tagline to indicate tea
Red - i like the use of just type
Black - dont really like this one I think using the two letter T's in this font makes it appear like J's doesnt work well, it is only linking by the words that pulls it together.
Yellow - because it is quite simple it could be the basis of a logo with a little more work
Green - could change the two teas to be teapot spouts and rotate them so that it looks like the words are being poured out
Blue - change the T's into an image of teapot spouts or similar, i will not develop further

Just Tea: Budget

White - i think that this logo has enough information to show that it is a tea
Red - i like the use of just type, and I like the use of the different font i think it makes a budget tea appear more than just budget.
Black - the top of the J looks like a P and therefore making it read Pust Tea not very appertising
Yellow - i like the simplicity of the logo
Green - Change the top of the J so that it reads as Just
Blue - try different fonts to make it more readible, i will probably not develop further
White - needs a tagline?
Red - i really like this one its simple and elegant.
Black - could the overlapping of the j & u make it hard to read
Yellow - its clean and fresh
Green - play with the fonts to position them better, maybe try not overlapping the letters
Blue - has potential just needs more tweaking will be developing further as it is my favourite

White - maybe a tagline or an image to soften it
Red - it comes across as budget, a statement
Black - its very blunt, im not sure of the placement of the words just tea below the letters, i dont think the fullstops after the words work
Yellow - the initials work for a budget tea and maybe just use a tag line instead the name?
Green - maybe contain the letters into a shape or image, use a tag line and remove the words just tea, place the words just tea in a different position
Blue - has potential just need to try different options to tie it all in however will probably leave here and not develop further
White - i think it has enough information to show what it represents
Red - this feels relaxing and inviting
Black - the words dont look right, it looks like like two words pushed together, the saucer is too bold it stands out too much over the cup, not sure of the three lines that represent the steam
Yellow - the image is nice and strong but needs more work
Green - find a new area for the text - could incorporate it into the lines of steam, remove the saucer so as to only have a cup
Blue - more refinement will develop further
White - i think this has too much information and need to pull it back a bit and simplify
Red - im not sure about this one, i like the teapot or the use of a teapot
Black - there is too much going on, the T that ends as a handle appears to show as the letter P hence as Ian pointed out reads as Just Pea not appealing
Yellow - i like the use of the teapot
Green - simplify. maybe use the words being poured out of the teapot or in steam and just the teapot on its own.
Blue - i will leave this here and not develop further


  1. (sorry) black...... the handle on the tea pot looks a bit like a P....... therefore a nice pot of 'just pea'! green(possibilities)/yellow(opportunites) the empty space in the tea cup, with the steam coming off, has potential, to be filled.

  2. Cilla, I really like the single leaf I think it's nice and simple for a logo. the last one however is too busy with too much text.