Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Luke .J , thumbnails for tea party

zang would be changed to archers


  1. Top page
    WHITE HAT :Archers & Just Tea ,with logo in Riesling font .
    RED HAT:Towards the two archers and tea .I think that they are very comfortable toward a gourmet style tea . As well theAs well black and the white suits swell as the font . The outline in the archers logo is very suitable . Maybe there is more to be done .
    Yellow hat : The two of teem are in great shapes to be used within a box .As well as being changed into a different font .There could also be more detail . Evan less .
    GREEN HAT : The archers could be fitted a lot more .Within the circle The tea logo in just tea could Fitted.Maybe a Bulls eye type Look in the archers could make a more of a connection and an alternative feel.Could work a way into putting a little finesse into the two
    BLACK HAT: I think it some what loos a little boring. The just tea , Logo could have something done to it. The both might be a little bold
    BLUE HAT : Needed to be processed a little bot moor. Overlap with some funky swirls or circle collaboration . Try some other fonts .Jazz it up a little bit .

  2. Second page
    WHITE HAT : We have a just tea Idea. A typography type logo as where the just and the ea of tea are taken back in colour , or in a way as to exsentuate the T. With a border Around it to be used on a box or in a way for placement .
    We have archers in plain text , in Zapfino
    BLACK HAT : Archers is on its own and needs work .
    The just tea could be confusing with the way it is read.
    YELLOW HAT : Have two good ideas to work with . With work of the ideas of Just tea there could be a good outcome if not many .
    Archers is a great word and needs work the font looks trendy and catchy . It can be worked with .
    RED HAT:I feel like I cannot see the outcome as yet . The for is clear and it explains the logo . I feel as if you could create something with it .
    Archers , is strong and sharp with a great flow , (Zapfino great font )
    GREEN HAT:Just tea , try some fonts some rearrangements to try and create what outcome is wanted .
    Archers , put with created logo , or make more structure for it to blend in for the subject (tea label) wanted
    BLUE HAT:Create some of the ideas wanted .Have a look and work from there

  3. Third page
    WHITE HAT : Have an illustration to go with a the name of our tea brand .
    BLACK HAT : The illustration might take over from the name . In the thumbnail the illustration is not clear . Font size is not working .
    YELLOW HAT:A visual incorporated with sales product.Creates a good feel . The customer feels as if they are getting more with something that looks good on there shelf .
    RED HAT: Makes me feel as if I have a cup of tea coming my way . Blown in with the wind . Fresh and sharp . OHHH a pot of tea and a cup . just what I need .
    GREEN HAT : Re-render the illustration . Put the correct name to the picture . Try some new fonts . Try out some computer brushes textures and manipulations . Dee what emotions you can capture
    BLUE HAT: Clean up a few of the lines and make a little bit clearer Put some of the green Ideas into motion , put on a screen or print . Work from there .

  4. Fourth page
    WHITE HAT : Two thumbnail ideas , involving Archers and the description combination of an Archer bow n arrow .
    BLACK HAT :Thumbnails are not processed enough to be able to capture the outcome of the label . Might be a little bit corny Archers and tea seems to be a fairly indifferent subject .
    YELLOW HAT: The use of a arrow and a bulls eye is very distinctive. The background of archery and its english beginning from what I believe creates a good family like symbol , English castle like emblem. Great way to create a simple symbol and connect with a brand for the design process .
    RED HAT:I think it has a traditional type of feel , the second thumbnail could be produced in a way to be a strong logo a trendy with the bulls eye . Which would give a definite branding Identity , Defiantly strong .
    GREEN HAT: Process the thumbnail idea into more detail and make altercations once it is done .
    BLUE HAT : Same as green

  5. Fifth page
    WHITE HAT: Two T type logos , taking the Just Tea into a typographic element using just the T to sell the tea. As well as using the exclamation point to make it an authority .
    BLACK HAT:Can you pull this off . will the exclamation work is it too much .
    YELLOW HAT :Really catchy . Many fonts to be used . Great visual . Little bit funky and fun.Can be used on packaging easily.
    RED HAT: I think it if cool . urban . And could be created in a sophisticated way or a trendy way .
    GREEN HAT :Create some colour swatches swell as the thumbnails so as to see what the idea comes out like .Make some borders around the visual letter.