Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nicky's Tea Thumbnails


  1. Nicky i really love the leaf it's so simple yet so effective. This would look really good as an organic eco type and also work well as a budget too.


    Ignore the first 2 - they are lame

    Just T - White - Simple lettering on just over seriffed larger T
    Red - Feels cold, don't like the dominance of the T - looks mean
    Black - Reads as an upended oblong - too high as a block of info
    Yellow - Just is simple as in 'Just', T is dominant as the most important aspect of the product
    Green - Could play with the sizing and balance
    Blue - Not keen, trying to be clever but failing

    Just Tea on Spoon - White - Bold, playful letters on spoon
    Red - I really like the font, it feels safe, and the block representing the spoon is playful - all a bit wonky though. Feels homely to me.
    Black - Wonky, like a roller-coaster, detracts from good feeling
    Yellow - Simple - like 'just' should be
    Green - Could play with spacing between spoon and letters and make it smoother
    Blue - I can see this developing further

    Just Tea Line across top - White - extended Top bars on J and T and line beneath to reflect
    Red - Reminds me of Nestle or Nescafe logo - not good!
    Black - See above!
    Yellow - Feels balance and solid - trustworthy
    Green - A different font would remove it from Nestle. Bottom line needs to extend to balance top
    Blue - potential to look reliable and dependable as a budget tea but not very original or outstanding

    Just Tea Leaf - White - Just tea written inside leaf
    Red - Nice and simple and clean feeling - not very attached to it though,
    Black - Feel like I've seen it before - a bit obvious - I'll have to loo into that
    Yellow - Stands out well without being dominant (dominant seems more of a coffee thing)
    Green - Play with different fonts to make it look different and maybe more memorable
    Blue - Good overall result

    Just Tea with filled letters - White - Letters filled - U to look like cup
    Red - Ugly! Unbalanced, uncomfortable
    Black - The font doesn't work with these words as 'just' has lines and 'tea' has counters to fill
    Yellow - unusual - would stand apart
    Green - Could work more with U as teacup idea and possible adapt e to look like pot
    Blue - Bad font for this word

    Ignore last one

    Archers lots of arrows White - Arrow points off each terminal
    Red - Looks aggressive and masculine
    Black - Not inviting.
    Yellow - Simple, good for traditional
    Green - would look better with only one arrow - perhaps on the last R
    Blue - could give a regal and professional feel if handled a bit better

    Archers Script White - Old fashioned, flowing script
    Red - Feels traditional, authority but flowing and trustworthy,
    Black - Is it readable? Does it say tea? Not really
    Yellow - Is light and breezy - like a tea break
    Green - could be good in a spot colour - stand out
    Blue - Good for traditional market - leaves lots of scope for an interesting picture

    Archers over arrow - ignore - crappy

    Archers in odd font - ignore - irrelevant

    Archers Target - White - Archers arching over target
    Red - feels good and bold but not very tea like
    Black - Got nothing to do with tea. Looks a bit like target the shop.
    Yellow - Striking image. Stands out
    Green - different colours on target could make it more restfull and tealike. Target could be main image and be diff cols for diff teas.
    Blue - potential but needs careful handling

    Archers traditional bow - White - Old fashioned bow making part of the A
    Red - Feels forced and unprofessional. Makes me feel uncomfortable as it's out of balance and ugly
    Black - forced image, not easy on eye
    Yellow - Traditional bow can be a graceful form
    Green - Bow could be used alone in a different way
    Blue - Not working - too odd

    Archers with arrow in A White - A looks like arrow being shot from bow
    Red - Feels dynamic and light
    Black - looks budgetty. Not grounded as line cuts over word
    Yellow - leaves lots of scope for playing with fonts and colours
    Green - arrow could be played down a bit and font made stronger to make it look better quality and more grounded
    Blue - not a very strong concept but could be played with.