Sunday, February 27, 2011

Timbo's Brain Tea Ideas


  1. Got some really good Ideas here ,Wondering if there are any of these types of teas already on the market . Some sound helpful,
    Some good useful names though Extravavganza , rise remenisnt ,set red . cool useful, blue justice,

  2. what is in 'Dance Like You Just Don't Care'? it sounds interesting....

  3. blue-
    yellow- chocolate luch sounds intriguing
    black-planet fresh is a cooking show i think
    red-i love blue justice, but dont know if id drink it
    green-open mind would be great for alternative

  4. black - hot grass (the name itself doesn't really work for my taste buds)
    red - reminiscent - reminds me of drinking tea with my nana
    green - reminiscent - packaging could look great in black and white photographs with reminiscent in colour. That's what I could see
    yellow - chocolate rush - (clearly a chocolate hit)