Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lou's Brainstorming :: Tea Names


  1. Very interesting , insperational as such all seem to be very oringinal .

  2. exotic
    black hat - holiday sun sounds more like a sun cream
    green hat- three 30 very evocative of afternoon time
    and has a lot of ways you could express through typography
    red hat italian fling are you talking about tea?
    yellow hat bliss is a great name anytime etc

  3. Red - I like '3 - thirty' too - it sounds like home time from school and has a really visual element to it.

  4. morning lights and afternoon bliss, i'll start drinking tea just for just for both those reasons.

  5. blue-
    black- although 3.30 is popular and an aliteration, the time seems wrong. thats when kids get home, too busy for tea
    red-if someone gave me just for mum, i would shoot them. but i dont like stereotypes
    green-i like brunch, it would be nice combined with a secondary word

  6. Green - citrus lift ( this could be visually communicated in quite a quirky character for novelty image)
    Red - reminds me of sunshine for some reason
    Black - citrus is more related to a refreshing or herbal type of drink, don't think it would work as well for medicinal as it's not really something I would relate to as healing- in my opinion.
    Yellow - citrus fruits are always very appealing and uplifting