Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kelly's Brainstorming Names


  1. wicked , I like edan , Dragon well , tea chest, some very visual names.Tea room imported pearl

  2. exotic
    black- names a bit long
    green- just heaven works for me
    yellow- serenity works well. could also play with spelling but thats green hat

  3. Green - I like the use of 'dragon' but 'well' makes me think of health, could it be dragon something else?
    Red - I love 'Blossoms' Green - It could have petals in it!
    Yellow - loving 'Eden', feels enlightened.
    Blue - 'Private reserve' gives and English, elitist feel.

  4. blue-
    yellow- i love twisted fruit, i can imagine a really funky box!
    black- tea of the month has negative connotations for me.
    red-i like traditional tea so i would choose the english high tea
    green-bob&sons could work really well as a kitch novelty tea

  5. red -lotus love - am feeling really at ease just by saying lotus love :-)
    yellow - organic earth (trusted words speak for themselves)
    White - the finest (now that sounds like you're getting quality)
    black - green brewer (sounds like something nasty brewing)