Thursday, February 24, 2011

STACY:POST2 brainstorming names for markets

  • Above is the result of the quick brainstorming session conducted in class. 
  • Each person is to use to brainstorm possible names for each of the defined markets. 
  • You will need at least eight names for each of the six markets. 
  • Export from as .jpg and upload as your post. 
  • Comment on all other posts before next class.
  • thankyou to everyone who bought tea etc to class. Please bring again as Bruno Munari says  "Every facet of the design process has to maintain a relationship with the senses. When you confront an object, you've got to touch it, smell it, listen to it... "


  1. In this group I'm preferring only Veda and Toki Doki

  2. Opps. Only just saw this post, so I did mine in illustrator. Hope thats ok.

    What can I say Pam! Both mine. You can thank me tomorrow by leaving that crazy frog well alone girl! ;-)

    I also reput these in my brainstorming post as I didnt read this first.

    Just thought of "Doh tea"